Top 5 Papers January 13 to 19, 2020


# Abstract Title Authors Affiliations Downloads
1 The Most Common Error in Valuations using WACC Pablo Fernandez University of Navarra – IESE Business School 1774
2 151 Trading Strategies Zura Kakushadze, Juan A. Serur Quantigic Solutions LLC University of CEMA 1700
3 The Great Transformation: Making China a High Income Country Christopher Balding Fulbright University Vietnam 1364
4 The Cross-Section of Expected Returns: A Non-Parametric Approach Enoch Cheng, Clemens C. Struck University of Colorado at Denver – Department of Economics University College Dublin 1345
5 Codependence (Presentation Slides) Marcos Lopez de Prado Cornell University – Operations Research & Industrial Engineering 1151

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