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Want to submit to SSRN?

It is actually very simple to start sharing your research at SSRN. All you need to do so is your paper, and a free SSRN User Account is required to submit a paper. Check out the details from our FAQ on how to begin your journey sharing your work with the world..

You will have to think about preparing the following details for your submissions:

  • Paper title (in English).
  • Date the paper was written.
  • Abstract/summary of the paper (in English).
  • Names, affiliations, and email addresses (if available) of all authors.
  • Copyright holder permission (if applicable).
  • Paper, if uploaded, must be in PDF format.
  • Other relevant information to include:
    • Working Paper Series.
    • Citation, if published.
  • Some content types, such as Health Science Case Reports, have additional requirements such as evidence that patient confidentiality, patient consent, and conflict of interest and/or funding concerns have been addressed. These are detailed during the submission process, see this FAQ on the SSRN knowledgebase for more information: What do I need to do to submit a Health Science Case Report?.
  • Review SSRN’s Terms of Use.

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