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March 7, 2019 at 10:00a – 10:30a EDT


Mendeley Data on SSRN enables seamless sharing of your research data

The integration of Mendeley Data datasets on SSRN encourages authors to upload the research data associated with their papers, allowing for greater transparency and reproducibility.

Here are just some of the benefits of open research data:

For SSRN authors

  • Get credit for all your research outputs, not just the paper
  • Potentially attract more citations
  • Comply with funder mandates data sharing

For SSRN readers

  • Easily access the data which underpins a paper
  • Facilitates evaluating and attempting to reproduce the paper’s findings
  • Use the data in your own research and meta-studies

How does it work?

Adding data sets to your SSRN author page can be done at the point of the paper submission process, or after submission. Simply visit the SSRN article submission page and follow the prompts to upload your datasets.

Once you submit your paper, your dataset will be forwarded to Mendeley Data for curation, and when approved the research data is visible to all users through the article page for that paper.

Data Defined

When we talk about data, we mean all forms of research data inclusive of everything needed to reproduce the research. So, raw data, processed data, protocols, methods, workflows, machine & environment settings, scripts, analyses, algorithms and the like can be shared on the Mendeley Data Repository.

Now, you can gain credit for all your research outputs, not just the paper content! Try it out today!

Sharing Data Improves Outcomes for the Research Life Cycle

As research leaders are often challenged to increase research impact and collaboration both inside and outside their institution, this sharing approach can improve quantity and quality of their research output.

Benefits within an Open-Access Culture

Reusing research data improves the research data life-cycles with the lab and to the world-wide researcher audience.

In general, researchers benefit with time savings when searching, collecting, and sharing data by using the Mendeley Data datasets and SSRN tools to disseminate their early stage discoveries. There’s compliance with funders’ mandates and improved impact to increase data reuse.

Overall, research leaders benefit with curated data tracking inside and outside of the institution. These methods allow for showcasing institutional research outputs and improve collaborations within and across institutions.

A modular approach enables integrations across many research data solutions and open-access protocol ensures data remains owned by the institution, system is integrated within researcher workflows making it simple for our users, and your researchers keep working on what matters without the added concern surrounding compliance mandates.

This open API speeds up the research sharing process to ultimately encourage researchers to promote better research faster.

Start enabling your own discovery today across the Mendeley Data datasets!

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