Weekly Top 5 Papers – January 21, 2019

1. Selling Fast and Buying Slow: Heuristics and Trading Performance of Institutional Investors by Klakow Akepanidtaworn (University of Chicago Booth School of Business) and Rick Di Mascio (Inalytics Limited ) and Alex Imas (Carnegie Mellon University – Department of Social and Decision Sciences) and Lawrence Schmidt (MIT Sloan School of Management)

2. TINA, India and 25 Years of Economic Liberalisation by T. Sabri Oncu (SoS Economics)

3. Collusion By Blockchain And Smart Contracts by Thibault Schrepel (Utrecht University School of Law)

Writing on blockchain is risky and yet necessary. It is risky because its major applications are still to be implemented, which limits the scope of our analysis. It is necessary because it may transform transactions the same way the Internet altered the dissemination and nature of information. This is a simple hypothesis but our legal systems must be prepared for this eventuality. This is especially true for antitrust and competition law which play a great role in shaping the power that flows from technologies and the way companies interact with each other. I am pleased to see that this article is arousing such interest as it deals with a pressing – and fascinating – issue. – Thibault Schrepel

4. Pulling the Goalie: Hockey and Investment Implications by Clifford S. Asness (AQR Capital Management, LLC) and Aaron Brown (New York University (NYU) – Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences)

5. A Brief Introduction to the Basics of Game Theory by Matthew O. Jackson ( Stanford University – Department of Economics)

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