Did You Know? “P” is for Photo and “CV” is for … a deeper SSRN Network!

didyouknow_SSRNResearching and collaborating from opposite sides of the globe is nearly effortless these days. Technology makes it easy to connect virtually with the people behind the names on your screen, but more challenging to know them. Many of us have never met our co-authors, let alone the authors of papers we read.

SSRN‘s most recentnetworking update will help deepen these connections – as if we are working down the hall from each other instead of in different campuses, countries, or continents. Every SSRN author can now include a photo and CV on their Author Page!

Adding your photo or CV is easy. Click ‘Edit my Personal Info’ on your Author Page (you’ll see this link if you’re signed in) or sign into SSRN HQ and click the ‘Personal Info’ link on the left menu. The “i” buttons near the new Author Page Photo and Author Page CV headings provide more details.

SSRN has always worked hard to make the latest in social science research available to the world for free. For us, that also means encouraging collaboration and connection between scholars. We think these new features will deepen the SSRN community and help all of us network better.