Weekly Top 5 Papers – December 18, 2015


1. 101 Formulaic Alphas by Zura Kakushadze (Quantigic Solutions LLC), Geoffrey Lauprete (WorldQuant LLC) and Igor Tulchinsky (WorldQuant LLC)

2. Tail-Risk Protection Trading Strategies by Natalie Packham (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gemeinnützige GmbH), Jochen Papenbrock (PPI AG), Peter Schwendner (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) and Fabian Woebbeking (Goethe University Frankfurt)

3. Users’ Patronage: The Return of the Gift in the ‘Crowd Society’ by Giancarlo F. Frosio (Stanford Law School)

4. A Brief Introduction to the Basics of Game Theory
by Matthew O. Jackson (Stanford University)

5. Delivery Rates on Kickstarter by Ethan R. Mollick (University of Pennsylvania)