Weekly Announcements – June 26, 2013

Here are the latest announcements from SSRN:

University of St.Gallen Joins Finance Research Centers Papers

We are pleased to announce University of St.Gallen School of Finance has started a Finance Research Centers Papers series within the Financial Economics Network (FEN).

View Papers: http://www.ssrn.com/link/U-St-Gallen-RES.html
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The University of St.Gallen, School of Finance Research Paper Series deals with matters of fundamental research as well as current theoretical or empirical issues related to banking, insurance and finance. The series includes research contributions carried out by our faculty, PhD students and affiliated researchers. Please direct any questions concerning the series, and submit your papers including a short abstract, keywords, JEL classification, and the author’s affiliation to ssrn.sof@unisg.ch.

Announcing Sustainability & Finance Symposium 2013 eJournal

In cooperation with the University of California Davis Graduate School of Management, and Columbia Law School, the Financial Economics Network (FEN) is pleased to announce the Sustainability & Finance Symposium 2013 eJournal. This eJournal is available to all subscribers at no charge and contains abstracts of the meeting papers with links to the full text in the SSRN eLibrary.

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) Sustainable Investment Research Initiative (SIRI) seeks to drive innovative thought leadership that will inform and advance our understanding of sustainability factors and the impact they may have on companies, markets, and investment intermediaries from the perspective of a large, global, long-term, and multi-class institutional asset owner.

As part of this important initiative, CalPERS has partnered with the UC Davis Graduate School of Management to develop and host the inaugural Sustainability & Finance Symposium on June 7, 2013. The event will be held in the vicinity of Napa Valley’s wine country in Davis, California.

View Papers: http://www.ssrn.com/link/Sustainability-Finance-2013.html
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Conference URL: http://gsm.ucdavis.edu/CalPERS-Symposium

Announcing CAAA 2013 Annual Meeting eJournal

In cooperation with the Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA), the Accounting Research Network (ARN) is pleased to announce the 2013 Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA) Annual Conference eJournal. The eJournal is available to all users at no charge and contains abstracts of the meeting papers with links to the full text within the SSRN eLibrary.

The Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA) is an organization of accounting educators, professional accountants, and others who are involved in, or concerned about, research and education in accounting and related areas.

View Papers: http://www.ssrn.com/link/CAAA-2013.html
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Conference URL: http://www.caaa.ca/CAAA/CAAAConf2013

With the advent of International Financial Reporting Standards, accounting is more than ever a global field where professionals, scholars and practitioners evolve and work across borders. Accounting research has greatly benefited from the opening of institutional and other borders as it has provided for greater opportunities to expand research domains and to enhance the diversity of accounting academe. By its content and orientation, this year’s conference intends to reflect such trends.

Moreover, in the spirit of accounting research being increasingly international, the CAAA opens up its own frontier by holding its annual conference jointly with the Association francophone de comptabilite (French Accounting Association), France’s leading accounting academic association; thus, allowing for further international networking and, yes, connections.

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