Weekly Top 5 Papers – April 1, 2011

1. What is Marriage?
by Sherif Girgis (Princeton University Department of Philosophy) and Robert George (Princeton University – Department of Politics) and Ryan T. Anderson (University of Notre Dame Department of Political Science)

2. The Cognitive Interview Method of Conducting Police Interviews: Eliciting Extensive Information and Promoting Therapeutic Jurisprudence
by Ronald Philip Fisher (Florida International University (FIU)) and R. Edward Geiselman (University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA))

3. A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation
by Mebane T. Faber (Cambria Investment Management)

4. A Dysfunctional Role of High Frequency Trading in Electronic Markets
by Robert A. Jarrow (Cornell University – Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management) and Philip Protter (affiliation not provided to SSRN)

5. Citation Advantage of Open Access Legal Scholarship
by James M. Donovan (University of Kentucky College of Law Library) and Carol A. Watson (University of Georgia Law School)