A Mid-Year Update from CEO Gregg Gordon

SSRN Community,

Thank you! While many of us continue to face challenges and the world is certainly facing some hard problems, we are seeing incredible growth at SSRN. Growth in the sharing of ideas and research that will help make the world a better place for all of us. The eLibrary Database has grown to 1.24 million papers from 1.28 million researchers, and those papers are being downloaded close to 40 million times a month. SSRN’s database now covers all disciplines and the sharing in and across them is inspiring. SSRN has become a critical part of the knowledge lifecycle and the sharing of research perspectives, through cross disciplinary classifications and the Special Topic Hubs, helps move ideas forward. 

Our Special Topic Hubs have grown to 14 and have been downloaded millions of times; Climate Hub (1800 papers), Race & Social Equity Hub (2700 papers), Pride Month Hub (1300 papers), Human Rights Hub (30,000 paper), International Women’s Day Hub(32,000 papers), World Health Hub (5600 papers). The Hubs continue to be an important source of the latest research intersecting multiple disciplines.

We also completely revised the SSRN Blog and added several new features. One that I especially enjoy is the Meet the Authorseries; it gives me insight into the minds of some very smart researchers. There is a post about my recent plenary panel at Society of Scholarly Publishers’ Annual Meeting in Portland and a monthly research focus. May’s focus area was Large Language Models (LLMs), which married up perfectly with the new Generative AI Special Topic Hub

As I have said continually over the last twenty years, sharing and discussing research is the best way to solve hard problems and we have plenty of hard problems right now. Please read the research on SSRN and share your research on SSRN – it really matters. The entire SSRN team loves helping researchers share their research because we know it makes a difference. And, please share your stories with us through email and social media.

We will take a break 3 July to 16 July 2023 and resume distribution on Monday 17 July. During this time SSRN will not distribute eJournals or announcements. However, our staff will be working; supporting the Research Hubs, processing submissions, answering emails, and providing support as usual. In observance of Independence Day in the US, the SSRN office will be closed 3rd and 4th of July 2023.

Thank you and as always, please let me know what you like about SSRN or how we can make it better.

Stay safe and be well,

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