The Launch of the AI & GPT-3 Topic Hub

SSRN is pleased to announce a new addition to the collection of Special Topic Hubs featured on its site. The AI & GPT-3 hub will feature early-stage research on generative artificial intelligence (AI), the potential applications of AI in a wide variety of fields including law, finance and education and the ongoing conversation of the ethical use of AI.

There has been an explosion of interest and research regarding advances in AI, with large language model (LLM) chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and Microsoft Bing, as well as image generation AI like DALL-E. Researchers from many disciplines are debating the role the AI will play in the coming years, how to resolve ownership of the outputs of the systems as well as setting definite guidelines to avoid misuse. The hub has been curated to include early-stage research that contributes to these topics and more, with the download count of research on the hub totalling more than 38,000.

The AI & GPT-3 Special Topic hub joins 12 other successful hubs on SSRN, which include the Coronavirus, Climate Change and Human Rights hubs. These topic hubs are all curated collections of research focusing on a specific subject of high interest in the world at the time of the launch. All 13 hubs can be found on the Special Topics Hubs landing page.

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