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The benefits of SSRN according to ChatGPT

In keeping with SSRN’s focus on AI for the month of January, we decided to ask ChatGPT about the benefits of SSRN in the research community. 

We asked, ‘how can SSRN help researchers?’.

ChatGPT answered,

“SSRN can help researchers in a number of ways:

  1. Preprint server: Researchers can use SSRN as a preprint server to upload drafts of their papers for others to read and comment on before publication.
  2. Networking: SSRN allows researchers to create profiles and connect with other researchers in their field.
  3. Discovering new research: SSRN is a great resource for discovering new research in the social sciences.
  4. Promotion and visibility: SSRN can increase the visibility of the researcher’s paper by making it available to a large audience.
  5. Participation in the community: SSRN allow researchers to participate in communities and join discussion, papers and authors can be rated, reviewed and commented on, allowing the researcher to get feedback on their work.
  6. Impact metrics: SSRN provides information on the number of downloads and citations of the researchers’ papers, allowing them to gauge the impact of their research and to demonstrate its significance to funding agencies, universities and colleges.”


Is this answer accurate? How do you think ChatGPT will influence academic research and publishing? Read more about the implications of the advancing AI technology on the academic community by reading some of the papers below:

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