Weekly Top 5 Papers – April 27 to May 3, 2020

Top 5 Papers, based on downloads from 04/27/2020 to 05/03/2020

# ID Abstract Title Authors Affiliations Downloads
1 3585561 Patterns of COVID-19 Mortality and Vitamin D: An Indonesian Study Prabowo Raharusun, Sadiah Priambada, Cahni Budiarti, Erdie Agung, Cipta Budi RSUD Kabupaten Sukamara 4133
2 3580524 Usefulness of Ivermectin in COVID-19 Illness Amit Patel 4041
3 3247865 151 Trading Strategies Zura Kakushadze, Juan A. Serur Quantigic Solutions LLC University of CEMA 2746
4 3561560 Pandemics Depress the Economy, Public Health Interventions Do Not: Evidence from the 1918 Flu Sergio Correia, Stephan Luck, Emil Verner Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Federal Reserve Bank of New York Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Sloan School of Management 2674
5 3557504 Economic Effects of Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) on the World Economy Nuno Fernandes University of Navarra, IESE Business School 2508

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