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Conversations that explore, debate and challenge the changing research landscape. What are the trends, complexities and opportunities shaping tomorrow’s research landscape? On Research 2030, lead host Dr. Giacomo Mancini, at Elsevier, introduces a series of conversations with people working in research to consider the trends and challenges facing research leadership today and exploring where research of tomorrow is headed.

Interview hosts from Elsevier speak with global research experts and leaders, including those within academia, industry, funding bodies, governments and think tanks. Their conversations bring together stories, ideas and perspectives from around the world.

Episode 1: Breaking up is hard to do Part 1: Heather Staines from the MIT Knowledge Futures group (with Michiel Kolman)

  • Heather shares her vision for a more dynamic research article

Episode 2: Breaking up is hard to do Part 2: Kent Anderson from the Caldera Publishing  (with Michiel Kolman)

  • Kent discusses the past 20 years in publishing in a digital world, what we can learn from that to positively impact the future of research

Episode 3: Don’t blame it on the pipeline with Emma Thomas (Harvard) and Bamini Jayabalasingham (Elseiver Anita de Waard)

  • Emma and Bamini discuss the sobering results their recent study which shows that women researchers are around 20% less likely than men to author invited commentaries for scholarly journals – even when they have the same level of experience as their male peers.

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