Accounting, Economics, and Law

What do these 3 subjects have in common?

Making connections as an early stage researcher is critical to making your mark and facilitating real change. One of the best ways to share your ideas is on the SSRN platform as your starting point. SSRN provides an open access platform to all kinds of research data including applied sciences, health sciences, humanities, life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, and non-English scholarship (Chinese and Hebrew) research networks.

The prime benefit of engaging on SSRN’s platform is the sheer volume of interdisciplinary exchanges. It’s a living, breathing, research engine and an opportunity, especially for early stage researchers, to share ideas, refine hypothesis; and, sometimes years in advance of peer review publication. For example, accounting, economics, and law papers can be classified in all three research networks pending the subject matters and the collaborative interaction to follow.

Take a look at managing director Gregg Gordon’s conversation with J.J. Prescott, law professor at Michigan University.

This Fall, make it a priority to register with SSRN or continue your paper submissions. It’s simple and free to create your author profile, submit papers, and share. We even track your paper metrics in real-time: downloads, rank, abstract views, citations, and PlumX analytics tracking your social interactions. All for Free and open access to make sharing simple.

Registration is free and you can create a customized profile.

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