The Long Awaited EduRN Has Arrived!

No one enjoys the smell of a hot, fresh network in the morning quite like we do.

EduRN, that’s our Education Research Network and it has hit the dissemination floor with seven dedicated subject areas before it even debuted on our site! We are so excited to launch this network for a few reasons:

  1. Learners and teachers will be able to connect directly on SSRN.
  2. As an open repository one of our commitments is to education. As we strive to make resources available for education, we cannot ignore the educators.

Usually when we launch a new network we get excited about the new opportunities for discovery that will be offered to our users. There is always something to celebrate when we widen the research dissemination door. The launch of this network, however, means even more. With this network we have started a cycle. Educators post research which is distributed to provide better education which in turn leads to better academia all around. Just look at the [highly scientific] chart below. EduRN is the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only is this a win for education scholars, but for subscribers to all of our other networks as well. In keeping with our method of distributing as broadly as possible, papers posted to EduRN will have the option to post across disciplines. This way, all of our subscribers will be able to see relevant research that might have been posted to our newest network, and subscribe to the new eJournals too, if they find the content relevant to their respective fields.

Does EduRN have you captivated yet? Click below to join our webinar on 4/11 to learn more and ask questions!


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