The Social/Life Collision: getting involved in cross-disciplinary sharing


The words “social” and “life” might have other meanings for the average person, but to the average researcher, they’re all about SCIENCE. When our team at SSRN decided to break our nearly 25-year mold of catering exclusively to social sciences by adding a Biology Network (BioRN) you can bet we did our homework first.

What we found, as we had suspected, was confirmation that social sciences don’t exist in a vacuum. In fact, no research should exist in a vacuum. As much as academia likes to separate liberal arts and STEM, humanities and hard sciences, the fact is they coexist. If you don’t believe this, perhaps you’ve never been to a doctor lacking in interpersonal skills. Research sharpens if you stop trying to force it into a genre either before or after the first draft.

Crossing the Social/Life Research

After careful inspection of our eLibrary, we found that social science and life science have a particularly helpful bond for researchers. For instance, we host a valuable Agricultural Law & Policy eJournal from the University of Maryland, so we explored the possibility that researchers taking advantage of eJournals also deserve exposure to agriculture in Biotechnology. The nerd inside our employees was very excited to see these gaps in research be closed as the long-awaited Biology Network came to fruition

Why You Care

You know how SSRN allows researchers to post papers in multiple classifications and distribute in up to 12 eJournals? It’s the same mentality that applies in releasing the Biology Network. We understand that your research is multidimensional. We like that your research is multifaceted, and we want it to reach the broadest possible audience, just like you do.  

Now when you look through the results for potential papers which will someday become your future citations, you can have a clearer vision of what applies to your specific field of study. Our mission is to help researchers produce better research at a faster rate. Offering more selective papers from a broader library of work is one of the best ways to make this happen. The thing we find most exciting is that the whole network is crafted entirely out of the papers that authors are eagerly sharing.

Reaching the Global Research Community

In case you missed that line above, it says that our network of papers is “crafted entirely out of the papers that authors are eagerly sharing”. Meaning that the symbiotic relationship between authors and readers is functioning at its best.

Authors upload their papers as they are completed. Readers are then able to download scholarship in real-time. As new information circulates it is added to even more bodies of work, which can then also be shared. Inter-network research helps facilitate the cycle of discourse. Exciting, isn’t it?

If your research senses are tingling, like ours are, don’t waste time reading about it here! Get to BioRN and see for yourself. Or, better yet, upload your own papers and actively take part in the distribution of research!

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