Topic Rankings – Real Research Right Now

2017 Topics:

Net Neutrality

Harassment in Hollywood

LGBT Rights

North Korea

Natural Disasters

The Modern Bully

The New Business Model

[Social] Media Influence 

Food & Agriculture 

Oil & Energy 




Donald Trump


If you’ve seen the SSRN homepage in the last decade you probably noticed our mantra – Tomorrow’s Research Today (and if you haven’t seen the new version check it out; we think it’s a bit better than it was a decade ago ;). While we’re continually working to improve the way researchers share and interact with each other, the ability for that research to be part of the broader conversations happening out in the world has been equally important.

We’ve worked hard to refine our Search tool in the last year so that researchers can more easily and accurately find the content they need. Our Weekly Top Downloads has been posted consistently so that you can get closer to some of the most significant papers in the field. This week we’re taking another step to connect you to research that is new and relevant to current issues – Topic Rankings.

Rankings have always been a staple in the SSRN ecosystem and the beta Topic Rankings offer the opportunity to explore papers curated around a current subject area. This week, the topic is The Modern Bully. Next week? Who knows? We plan to release new Topic Rankings based on public issues and the interests of the SSRN Community.

We think real research helps move the conversation forward. It’s why we do what we do.