Fantastic Research and Where to Find It

Our SSRN headquarters in Rochester, NY is just as nerdy as you might hope an office full of adults who dedicate their whole working day to scholarly research would be. A lot of times this simply means we know more about the downloading habits of researchers better than they know them themselves. However, it also means a fair amount of fandom talk around the water cooler, and we can’t deny 2016 has been a good year for Harry Potter fans, like some of us.

Between Cursed Child, new ebooks, and the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them we’re pretty close to achieving fandom Nirvana. Yet, something is missing… Ah, of course, we need the research!

If we haven’t already sent you running to do a QuickSearch for “Harry Potter” in the eLibrary then perhaps we can interest you with some choice titles we found there. Without further ado:

Our Favorite Harry Potter Themed Titles Available on SSRN

Examining the wizarding government, one step at a time. – By Benjamin H. Barton
The ultimate lawyer perspective on Harry Potter. – By Aaron Schwabach
If you write fan fiction, you might want to read this. – By Aaron Schwabach
Turns out the missing factor from most papers on Tort Theory is actual magic. – By Scott Hershovitz
Even the best professors can benefit from some advice from Dumbledore. – By Darby Dickerson
How Harry Potter affects politics. Especially with young people. – By Anthony Gierzynski and Julie Seger
So much inspiration! So much copyright! – By Megan Richardson and David Tan
Muggles or Goblins? I’d love to find out! – By Gary Pulsinelli
Putting a spell on us, right from the title. – By Stephen Brown and Anthony Patterson
I’ve only read the title and I’m already on the edge of my seat. – By Shlomi Parizat and Ron Shachar
An intriguing proposition, but also very true. – By Anthony Patterson and Stephen Brown
Marketing, Muggles, and Magic, oh my! By Stephen Brown

Luckily for us, they don’t stop there! There are dozens more titles to keep us intrigued. Not to mention many of them have full texts available and make compelling arguments you find relevant, even to us in the Muggle world. Do you have a favorite fandom themed paper, or research title? Share with us via Twitter with #SSRN.