Will You Be Our Valentine?

Under the stars there shines one light

That always glistens, always listens

To the whispers of the night

When skies are black, full of despair

I ask the sun to tell the moon that two of us are there


The afterglow

That’s down below

Is when I see you smile.

And in your eyes

True love decides

Forever is a word that cries.


That I belong to you

That endless nights are far away

Are gone, and you

Could never love another.

And I love you too

I see it up above and now I feel the truth


We overlooked us ocean deep

But now this river that we’re swimming through is promises we keep

The sun comes up, there is no heat

‘Cause what we’re feeling is revealing, all we dared


So let it burn,

It takes its turn

One we never would allow

There is no heart that chance will break

Nothing else could ever stop us now



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