Weekly Top 5 Papers – January 29, 2016



1. Freedom of Expression and Morality Based Impediments to the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights by Marc Randazza (Randazza Legal Group)

2. 101 Formulaic Alphas by Zura Kakushadze (Quantigic Solutions LLC), Geoffrey Lauprete(WorldQuant LLC) and Igor Tulchinsky (WorldQuant LLC)

3. A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation by Mebane T. Faber (Cambria Investment Management)

4. Return of Mutual Funds in Spain, 2000-2015 (Rentabilidad De Los Fondos De Inversión En España, 2000-2015) by Pablo Fernandez (University of Navarra – IESE Business School) and Alberto Ortiz Pizarro (University of Navarra, IESE Business School) and Pablo Fernandez Acin (Independent) and Isabel Fernández Acín (University of Navarra)

5. A Brief Introduction to the Basics of Game Theory by Matthew O. Jackson (Stanford University)