It’s the Season of Giving

greeceIn my blog post last week I shared that we have a lot to be grateful for at SSRN and in 2015 I spoke in many countries – further realizing how lucky I/we are.

Since 2010, Greece has been struggling with a financial crisis that has had devastating effects on much of Greek society and the related austerity measures that severely impact most individuals, including scholars and their universities. Unfortunately, these problems started long before the current crisis.

Though SSRN cannot solve all of Greece’s problems, we can help Greek scholars by providing subscriptions to scientific research. SSRN was built to increase access to information across disciplinary and geographic borders and this mission is still a priority for us 20 years later. As it’s the season of giving, SSRN is making a gift to Greece.

During 2016, every Greek scholar and university can receive free subscriptions to any SSRN eJournal, which distributes the latest research across 24 networks. Over the next few days we will email every university in Greece to make them aware of this offer. We know they are struggling and hope SSRN’s gift helps in some small way.

Many Greek colleges and universities have used SSRN over the years, including our Research Paper Series services. We want to do our part to keep these relationships strong because Greek scholars have produced some incredibly valuable research and we believe great research makes the world better for all of us.

For more information on the free subscriptions for Greece, please email We hope this small gesture will help Greek scholars continue to contribute to the worldwide scholarly community.