Weekly Top 5 Papers – August 14, 2015

ssrn_toppapersheader 1.How to Read a Legal Opinion: A Guide for New Law Students by Orin S. Kerr (The George Washington University Law School) 2. Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States by John R. Lott

Jr. (Crime Prevention Research Center), John E Whitley (Crime Prevention Research Center) and Rebekah C. Riley (Crime Prevention Research Center) 3. A Brief Introduction to the Basics of Game Theory by Matthew O. Jackson (Stanford University – Department of Economics) 4. Leveraged Small Value Equities by Daniel Rasmussen (Stanford University), Brian Kundai Chingono (University of Chicago – Booth School of Business) 5. Country Risk: Determinants, Measures and Implications – The 2015 Edition by Aswath Damodaran (New York University – Stern School of Business)