Weekly Top 5 Papers – May 22, 2015


1. How Fox News Changed American Media and Political Dynamics by Bruce Bartlett (Independent)

2. What Do Private Equity Firms Say They Do? by Paul A. Gompers (Harvard Business School), Steven N. Kaplan (University of Chicago – Booth School of Business) and Vladimir Mukharlyamov (Harvard University)

3. The Legal Implications of a Repeal of the Human Rights Act 1998 and Withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights by Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou (University of Surrey), Tobias Lock (University of Edinburgh School of Law), Paul Johnson (University of York), Fiona De Londras (Durham University), Alan Greene (Durham Law School) and Ed Bates (University of Leicester)

4. Lumber: Worth It’s Weight in Gold: Offense and Defense in Active Portfolio Management by Charles V. Bilello (Pension Partners, LLC) and Michael A. Gayed (Pension Partners, LLC)

5. The Bayesian New Statistics: Two Historical Trends Converge by John K. Kruschke (Indiana University), and Torrin M. Liddell (Indiana University Bloomington)