Weekly Top 5 Papers – April 17, 2015


1. China’s Ideological Spectrum by Jennifer Pan (Harvard University – Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) and Yiqing Xu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Department of Political Science)

2. Digitally Connected: Global Perspectives on Youth and Digital Media by Sandra Cortesi (Harvard University), Urs Gasser (Harvard University), Gameli Adzaho (The Gamelian World Blog), Bruce Baikie (Inveneo), Jacqueline Baljeu (United Nations – Children’s Fund (UNICEF)), (et al)

3. Market Timing with Moving Averages: Anatomy and Performance of Trading Rules by Valeriy Zakamulin (University of Agder – Faculty of Economics)

4. HarvardX and MITx: Two Years of Open Online Courses Fall 2012-Summer 2014 by Andrew Ho (Harvard University), Isaac Chuang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Justin Reich (Harvard University – HarvardX), Cody Coleman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Jacob Whitehill (Harvard University), Curtis Northcutt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Joseph Williams (Harvard University), John Hansen (Harvard University), Glenn Lopez (Harvard University) and Rebecca Petersen (Harvard University – HarvardX)

5. Expected and Required Returns: Very Different Concepts by Pablo Fernandez (University of Navarra) and Isabel Fernández Acín (University of Navarra)