Did You Know? Conference Services Save Sanity

Lisa Brown has been organizing her school’s annual conference for the past three years. As each year’s conference ends she has to start planning for the next one. She makes a list of everything that needs to get done. There is the surface planning of conference details: identifying speakers, booking the venue, coordinating the committees. Then there are the specific details for accommodations, meals, breaks, social activities.

On top of all of that she needs an organized plan to send out the call for papers, receive submissions, assign reviewers and discussants, determine the accepted papers, track correspondence with each participant for the entire conference, stay on top of deadlines, create a program and THEN figure out how to best share the conference proceedings containing the authors’ incredible work.

PROBLEM: Lisa is overwhelmed as her mind spirals in a thousand directions, thinking of the million details she needs to manage during the coming year.

So much to do, so little time? We can help. (conference@ssrn.com | www.ssrn.com)

SOLUTION: Lisa needs SSRN’s Conference Management Services (CMS)!

While CMS won’t select meal options or choose social activities, it manages every detail of conference submissions, reviewers, discussants, and sharing proceedings online. Lisa would be very interested to learn SSRN’s Full Conference Management Service (FCMS) can take care of all those nitty-gritty details and still leave her in full control of the conference, costing her a fraction of the time and none of the stress.

Lisa can rest assured that authors will easily be able to submit to the conference using the proven SSRN submission system, but conference submissions can be kept separate from the rest of the eLibrary until the appropriate time. 2014-12-17_16-51-31Lisa can interact with reviewers and discussants, notify authors of acceptances or rejections, and create custom emails to update conference participants from within the system. She’ll be able to notify participants of deadlines and give timely updates (both online and through email) of important information and late changes. Plus, the custom reports module allows her to easily prepare a variety of reports for organizers, funders, or herself based on detailed data about the conference from the CMS system. Most importantly, she’ll receive excellent support throughout the entire process from a dedicated member of the CMS Team!

2014-12-17_16-48-16In addition to all of that, CMS provides a customized home page for her conference, with the right information for participants at each step of the process, as well as a proceedings page and proceedings eJournal to share the final conference proceedings with the SSRN Community and the public.


SSRN offers conference management packages for every need and budget. Whether you just need a page to archive your proceedings, or want to use our system to manage all the details we mentioned above, CMS can help.

To find out more about how SSRN can help balance how you spend your time (even during conference season) reach out to Addie Jackson at conference@ssrn.com.