DIY Publishing: SSRN visits Columbia

I’m looking forward to sharing at Columbia University’s Research Without Borders (#rwob) symposium on 24 September. It will be a great opportunity to talk with academics, librarians, and others on the research continuum about our frequently changing scholarly world. The event is

described as “…exploring the ways in which scholars are self-publishing or DIY-publishing their research, and why they choose to do so. Topics of discussion will include the different forms that scholarly self-publishing take, who in the academy is self-publishing, and how academia views such efforts.” Through the SSRN lens, we typically file these conversations under “the ever-changing path of the traditional past”. It is no longer solely about publication – but the process and participation in that process before, during, and after publishing. BTW, what is publishing these days? Along with the other panelists (Tara McPherson, Shannon Mattern, and Alberto Pepe), I look forward to discussing the implications of each of those steps and the general idea of how best to share one’s research. A few additional points I’m hoping we’ll explore are: managing your rights, the importance of really good content, and how to promote that content. The promotion piece should be interesting. Traditionally, marketing and promotion was the domain of the publisher. In the DIY era, the author is often responsible for those activities and those activities will often determine the impact of their research. If you’re in NYC, I’d love to chat and will be available during the symposium to connect. Send me a message. Date: Wednesday, 24 September 2014 Time: 3pm to 5pm in the Ivy Lounge on the First Floor of Columbia’s Faculty House This event is free and open to the public, but is likely to reach capacity RWB DIY Publishing Poster image via Open Source