Did You Know: Where are my research papers?



PROBLEM: Dr. Jane Miller is disappointed in her SSRN Author Rank and realizes her SSRN Author Page doesn’t include all of her research papers.  She also has a paper from last year that was cited by ten research papers on another website and only six papers cited it on SSRN.

Jane wants her research to be accessible by everyone around the world …

SOLUTION: This problem is easily fixed. It’s important for authors to upload to SSRN as much of their scholarly work as possible. Not only will it allow their papers to be easily shared and distributed to fellow researchers, but it also increases their online presence, the presence of their co-authors, and the authors cited in those papers. Dr. Miller can also reach out to colleagues and encourage them to upload their research to SSRN.

Submission to SSRN is simple and help is always available.

SSRN’s CiteReader technology, developed with ITX Corp., analyzes all of the papers in the SSRN eLibrary.  It extracts their references and lists the papers they cite. Any paper already in the SSRN eLibrary will be matched in the Reference tab and included in that author’s citation count. The technology is not designed to provide a complete listing of all citations to a paper (which is problematic), but to provide a representative listing that allows the reader to easily go backward and forward through the scientific literature to best further their knowledge and research.

Side note: If you’re concerned that one of your papers isn’t ready to be shared publicly, you can submit the paper as Privately Available (credit bosley). SSRN will store the paper and allow you to share it via a dedicated URL or include it on your SSRN Author Page without being distributed.

The more everyone shares, the more all of us benefit.