World Opportunity Tour with SSRN

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#2 on World Opportunity Tour Last week I gave two presentations at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in Anaheim (lots of A’s). The meeting’s theme was Brilliantly Disguised Opportunities and my presentations focused on working together to integrate accounting research into the broader interdisciplinary flow of scholarly communication and the real benefits of sharing data, code and other supplementary materials. The questions and conversations after the presentations and during the week were thoughtful and created a variety of possibilities for working together. This week I’m in Singapore for the 2013 Fiesole Collection Development Retreat. The retreat is an informal meeting of leading library and information industry participants devoted to thinking through and debating the new world order in collections development. Interestingly, this year’s theme is Opportunities for New Scholarship: Working Collaboratively. My presentation on Wednesday, Facilitating Worldwide, Cross-Disciplinary Discourse in the Social Sciences, will outline the benefits of sharing across disciplines and the changes (opportunities) we see happening at SSRN. The session, New Collaborations: Working Together to Serve Scholars, will also include presentations by Ann Okerson, Center for Research Libraries and Linda O’Brien, and Natasha Simons, Griffith University.

I’ll be at the National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University later in the week and am happy to get together to discuss SSRN and any other scholarly opportunities.
NOTE: Stop #3 on the Tour is the Public Knowledge Project Scholarly Publishing Conference in Mexico City next week. I wonder if the theme includes opportunities…