reconnect12: Gaming Undermines the Occupation

I’m on my way to Montreal, Canada for @OccupyImpact, CASRAI’s 1st Annual International Conference. During my session, Gaming Undermines the Occupation, with Jennifer Lin from PLoS, we will discuss the issues related to working with large and growing amounts of content. There will be keynotes by Maryse Lassonde, Dr. Claire Donovan and Cameron Neylon, and I’ll also highlight some of Strategic Access issues I wrote about recently. Specifically, our session abstract is:

Almost everyone searching for digital content today becomes frustrated with the ever growing mountain of information overabundance. Creating and sharing content has never been easier. While this is a boon for scholars and other creators, those of us sifting through more content than search engines can manage are often left asking ourselves if there isn’t a better way. Adrift in more and more of the same, we lack exposure to truly fresh information and the opportunity to create new innovative research faster. Searching and accessing the right content, in the right place, and at the right time, is the primary issue. And how can we occupy this vast landscape without undermining the societal benefits?

Based on their experiences at SSRN and PLoS, Gregg Gordon, CEO of SSRN, the #1 scholarly information repository, and Jennifer Lin, Product Manager at PLoS, the largest Open Access publisher in the world, discuss their experiences tackling massive sets of information, strategies for using metrics to navigate the landscape, and their concerns about incentives and immediate gratification.

As always, I look forward to discussing these topics and SSRN in general with everyone – DM me if you want to connect. The hash tag for @OccupyImpact is #CASRAI12.

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