Weekly Announcements – September 26, 2012

Here are the latest announcements from SSRN:

Announcing New SRPN Urban Research Sponsored Subject Matter eJournal

We are pleased to announce a new Sustainability Research & Policy Network (SRPN) Sponsored Subject Matter eJournal – Urban Research eJournal, sponsored by Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR).

View Papers: http://ssrn.com/link/Urban-Research.html
Subscribe: http://hq.ssrn.com/jourInvite.cfm?link=Urban-Research

Editors: Eugenie L. Birch, Co-Director, Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR) and Nussdorf Professor of Urban Research, Department of City and Regional Planning, School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, and Susan M. Wachter, Co-Director, Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR) and Worley Professor of Financial Management, Department of Real Estate, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Sponsor: The Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR) is a university-wide entity dedicated to an increased understanding of cities through cross-disciplinary research, instruction, and civic engagement. As the global population becomes increasingly urban, Penn IUR engages with scholars and policy makers to foster innovative strategies to inform the sustainable 21st century city.

Description: This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts establishing a platform through which researchers can access the latest urban focused research from scholars worldwide. Global urbanization, with more than half the world population now urban – the United States, Latin America and Europe are more than three-quarters urban while Asia and Africa are experiencing rapid rates of urbanization – has led to a new emphasis in urban-focused research at the intersection of numerous disciplines, including anthropology, city planning, economics, history, political science, real estate, sociology and area studies. These fields aim to increase our understanding of the drivers of urban growth and from a policy perspective, the forces that contribute to the development of sustainable urban forms. A primary goal of the Urban Research journal is to gather and distribute new research that addresses the governance, policy, economics, design and social issues that surround global urbanization. Through the diffusion of the most up-to-date and classic urban-focused articles currently posted in different networks on SSRN, the Urban Research journal aims to serve as a single point of access for the growing literature in urban research.

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