A Little Glue for Data Repositories

I’m on my way to Scotland for the sold out Open Repositories 2012. We have been looking at data sharing over the past several months and I was invited to join the Institutional Repositories & Data – Roles and Responsibilities Workshop (#OR2012data) on Monday.  SSRN is joining a fantastic collective of leaders this year: Angus Whyte (@aw_dcc), Monica Duke (@mbonnet)and Graham Pryor from the Digital Curation Centre (UK), Jared Lyle from ICPSR, Chris Awre (@clawre) at the University of Hull, Sally Rumsey at Oxford University, Catherine Pink at University of Bath, Ann Green (@annthegreen) from Digital Life Cycle Research & Consulting. All have a lot of experience in this area and I’m looking forward to the breakout sessions and conversations.

My talk, A Little Glue for Data Repositories, will focus on what we are hearing at SSRN and concerns that a lot of data is stored in silos. Some very beautiful silos but often not very usable from a sharing perspective.

OR2012 is in it’s 7th year, and focused on all things Open Repositories. It takes place in Edinburgh next week: July 9th-13th. The aim of the Open Repositories Conference is to

bring those responsible for the development, implementation and management of digital repositories together with stakeholders to address theoretical, practical, and strategic issues: across the entire lifecycle of information, from the creation and management of digital content, to enabling use, re-use, and interconnection of information, and ensuring long-term preservation and archiving.

We hope to catch up with you all at the conference – DM me if you want to connect. The hash tag for this year is #OR2012.