Weekly Top 5 Papers – February 17, 2012

1. Social Mood, Stock Market Performance and U.S. Presidential Elections: A Socionomic Perspective on Voting Results
by Robert Prechter (Socionomics Institute) and Deepak Goel (Socionomics Institute) and Wayne Parker (Emory University School of Medicine) and Matthew Lampert (University of Cambridge)

2. Reel Piracy: The Effect of Online Film Piracy on International Box Office Sales
by Brett Danaher (Wellesley College – Department of Economics) and Joel Waldfogel (University of Minnesota – Twin Cities – Carlson School of Management)

3. Second Amendment Penumbras: Some Preliminary Observations (Final)
by Glenn Reynolds (University of Tennessee College of Law)

4. Valoracion De Las Acciones De Electrabun (Valuation of the Shares of an Electric Company)
by Pablo Fernandez (University of Navarra – IESE Business School)

5. Rentabilidad de los Fondos de Pensiones en España, 2001-2011(Pension Funds in Spain, 2001-2011)
by Pablo Fernandez (University of Navarra – IESE

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Business School) and Javier Aguirreamalloa (University of Navarra – IESE Business School) and Luis Avendaño (University of Navarra – IESE Business School)

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