Weekly Announcements – January 16, 2012

Here are the latest announcements from SSRN:

A Short Tribute to Larry Ribstein

I am personally and professionally saddened at the sudden passing of my friend, Larry E. Ribstein, Mildred van Voorhis Jones Professor at the University of Illinois College of Law, a pre-eminent scholar in the field of LLCs and other unincorporated business associations, and the editor of our Corporate Law: Partnerships and Unincorporated Business Entities eJournal. We will miss his prodigious scholarship, his unflagging energy, his perceptive and provocative commentary on many subjects, and his iconoclastic style. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family, colleagues, and friends.

I am grateful that Professor Jeffrey M. Lipshaw, of Suffolk Law School, Larry’s co-author on the casebook, Unincorporated Business Entities, has agreed to take over as the editor of Larry’s journal.

Professor Lipshaw has proposed that we rename the journal as Corporate Law: LLCs, Close Corporations, Partnerships, and Other Private Enterprises. I think Larry would have approved this new name, which emphasizes LLCs and closely held firms more generally. He would be the first to tell you that no one ought to form a partnership any more, and indeed, few people do.

Please see below for the new journal title and description, and information on how to subscribe.

Bernie Black
Managing Editor, SSRN

View Papers: http://ssrn.com/link/LLCs-Close-Corporations-Partnerships.html
Subscribe: http://hq.ssrn.com/jourInvite.cfm?link=LLCs-Close-Corporations-Partnerships

Editor: Jeffrey M. Lipshaw, Associate Professor, Suffolk University Law School

Description: This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts related to LLCs, close corporations, partnerships, and other private enterprises. This includes the law, economics, history and policy of closely-held corporations and non-corporate firms, including partnerships, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, joint ventures, and similar entities both in the US and around the world. Specific topics include private law matters such as governance, fiduciary duties, formation, litigation, arbitration, choice of law, exit, dissolution, transfer, creditors’ rights, and limited liability. They also include public law matters such as bankruptcy, employment discrimination, securities regulation, competition law, and professional regulation. Articles may also focus on types of businesses or other relationships that commonly organize as limited liability companies, close corporations, partnerships or other unincorporated business entities, including venture capital, professional services, real estate, finance, family firms, domestic relationships and public-private enterprises.

Announcing 24th Australasian Finance & Banking Conference 2011 Abstracting eJournal on SSRN

In cooperation with the Institute of Global Finance at the University of New South Wales, the Financial Economics Network (FEN) is pleased to announce the 24th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference (AFBC) 2011 Abstracting eJournal. This abstracting eJournal is available to all subscribers at no charge and contains abstracts of the meeting papers with links to the full text in the SSRN eLibrary.

The AFBC is an annual event organized by the School of Banking and Finance in conjunction with the Australian School of Business at the University of New South Wales. The event aims to promote discussion and interaction among researchers, academics, and practitioners interested in finance and banking fields, and draws a large crowd of both international and Australian participants to the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney every December. The conference runs over three days and includes plenary sessions with distinguished keynote speakers, break-out sessions, social events, a Business Forum, a special issue of the Journal of Banking and Finance, a session for PhD students, and other initiatives such as the Networking Women in Finance session that discusses gender initiatives in the field. This abstracting eJournal provides a data warehouse for all abstracts and papers presented at the Annual Conference. Abstracts of the papers will also be published in subject-specific eJournals within FEN and, where appropriate, in the eJournals of our sister networks.

View Papers: http://www.ssrn.com/link/24th-Australasian-2011.html
Subscribe: http://hq.ssrn.com/jourInvite.cfm?link=24th-Australasian-2011

National Research University Higher School of Economics Joins Economics Departments Research Papers

We are pleased to announce the National Research University Higher School of Economics has started an Economics Departments Research Papers series within the Economics Research Network (ERN).

View Abstracts: http://ssrn.com/link/Natl-Research-U-Higher-School-Economics.html
Subscribe: http://hq.ssrn.com/jourInvite.cfm?link=Natl-Research-U-Higher-School-Economics

The National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) was established in 1992 with the purpose to promote economic and social reforms in Russia through education of a new generation of researchers and practitioners, production and dissemination of modern economic knowledge among Russian business and government. Nowadays the HSE is an absolute leader in the academic fields of economics among Russian universities. The strategic goal is to make the HSE the foremost centre for research and education, analysis, consulting and design in the field of social and economic science that would join the line of leading global research universities. Higher School of Economics Research Paper Series were established to provide our faculty with additional communication means with their colleagues, providing accessible way to distribute and discuss their research within the global research community.

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