Weekly Announcements – February 14, 2011

Here are the latest announcements from SSRN:

MIT Joins Political Science Departments Research Papers

We are pleased to announce the MIT Political Science Department has started a Political Science Departments Research Papers series within the Political Science Network (PSN).


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Globalization and economic uncertainty, immigration, asymmetric security threats, energy dependence and the environment, health care, poverty, and polarization of electorates are among the issues testing our understanding of how human communities function.

At MIT Political Science, we see in these challenges the opportunity to conduct innovative, high-impact research. We believe that the strongest theoretical models emerge through observations in the field. From voting booths in the U.S. to the villages of Afghanistan to the factory floors of China, our goal is to advance the dialogue of political science by comparing empirical phenomena with scholarly insights into how societies work. In the process, we are developing alternative uses for existing methodologies and inventing new ones.