Weekly Announcements – July 12, 2010

Here are the latest announcements from SSRN:

Announcing 5 New Palgrave Macmillan Partners in Publishing Journals

We are pleased to announce that Palgrave Macmillan has joined our Economics Research Network (ERN) Partners in Publishing Journals: Comparative Economic Studies, Eastern Economic Journal, and IMF Staff Papers, and our Management Research Network (MRN) INTL Partners in Publishing Journals: European Management Review, and Journal of International Business Studies.

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Comparative Economic Studies is a journal of the Association for Comparative Economic Studies. The journal provides a forum for analysing economic policy research on the problems of creating market institutions in previously centrally planned economies.

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The Eastern Economic Journal, a quarterly publication of the Eastern Economic Association, was established in 1973. The EEJ publishes papers written from every perspective, in all areas of economics and is committed to free and open intellectual inquiry from diverse philosophical perspectives. It welcomes manuscripts that are methodological and philosophical as well as empirical and theoretical. Readability and general interest are major factors in publication decision.

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The IMF Staff Papers is the official research journal of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It is dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed, high-quality, context-related academic research on open-economy macroeconomics. It emphasizes rigorous analysis with an empirical orientation that is of interest to a broad audience, including academics and policymakers. Studies that borrow from, and interact with, other fields such as finance, international trade, political economy, labor, economic history or development are also welcome.

The views presented in published papers are those of the authors and should not be attributed to, or reported as, reflecting the position of the IMF, its Executive Board, or any other organization mentioned herein.

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The European Management Review is an international journal dedicated to advancing the understanding of management in private and public sector organizations through empirical investigation and theoretical analysis. The European Management Review provides an international forum for dialogue between researchers, thereby improving the understanding of the nature of management in different settings and promoting the transfer of research results to management practice. Although one of the European Management Review’s aims is to foster the general advancement of management scholarship among European scholars and/or those academics interested in European management issues, submissions are encouraged from all management scholars regardless of national origin and manuscripts should not be limited to themes dealing with European countries. The journal’s international scope is reflected in its international editorial board and its sponsorship by the European Academy of Management.

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The official publication of the Academy of International Business, publishing papers of significant interest that contribute to the theoretical basis of business and management studies. The Journal of International Business Studies‘ broad scope and developmental editorial policies create accessible, thought-provoking content for the general academic business community.

Now Publishers Foundations & Trends Journals Join SSRN Partners in Publishing Journals

We are pleased to announce that Now Publishers has joined our Entrepreneurship Research & Policy Network (ERPN) Partners in Publishing Journals: Foundations & Trends in Entrepreneurship, and our Financial Economics Network (FEN) Partners in Publishing Journals: Foundations & Trends in Finance.

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Foundations and Trends(R) in Entrepreneurship publishes high-quality survey and tutorial monographs in the field of entrepreneurship. Each issue comprises a single 50-100 page article written by research leaders in the field providing tutorials, research retrospectives, and survey papers that offer state-of-the-art reviews. The in-depth coverage of a topic, reference linking, and author updates, allows readers to quickly come to speed on a topic and are perfect for graduate education.

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The growth in all aspects of financial research in the last decade has led to a multitude of new publications and an exponential increase in published research. Finding a way through the excellent existing literature and keeping up to date has become a major time-consuming problem. Electronic publishing has given researchers instant access to more articles than ever before. But which articles are the essential ones that should be read to understand and keep abreast with developments of any topic? To address this problem Foundations and Trends(R) in Finance publishes high-quality surveys and tutorial monographs of the field. The intended audience includes faculty interested in learning about topics outside their primary area of research, professionals looking to understand the current research findings on a topic, and graduate students.