The Future of Business School

The current economic climate is causing many institutions to re-evaluate their role and approach to doing business, including business schools themselves. Best Colleges Online recently posted an article 10 Predictions for the Future of B-schools that discuss several important points and identifies some general trends for business schools like globalization and distance learning.  Schools are moving away from traditional b-school approaches, shifting from finance-focus to self-focus, and are now encompassing leadership,  creativity, values, and ethics. These efforts are already showing up in new communication, new curriculum, and the MBA Oath. The overall message is that b-schools are, and must, change their strategy to regain the luster they have lost in recent years.

The Economist article Changing course adds, “‘VALUES’ are all the rage at business schools nowadays.” Many programs are now on the quest to restructure their curriculum, including eliminating traditional subjects. Students are looking at their education as a tool to truly change a culture, and influence society.

While I am not sure if there is any correlation, more women than ever are enrolling in undergrad business and MBA programs.  According to a recent Forbes article, the diversity and versatility of a business degree is considered to be very helpful in this economy.  And, a lot of women are using their degrees for not-for-profits, starting businesses, or raising a family.

With this shift in curriculum and attitudes, our future graduates will be more equipped than ever to venture into our dynamic, ever-changing business world.  Maybe they can even help resolve the student vs. customer debate