Weekly Announcements – April 5, 2010

Here are the latest announcements from SSRN:

Announcing New ERN Sponsored Subject Matter eJournal

We are pleased to announce a new Economics Research Network (ERN) Sponsored Subject Matter eJournal — Philosophy & Methodology of Economics eJournal, sponsored by the International Network for Economic Method (INEM).

View Papers: http://www.ssrn.com/link/Philosophy-Methodology-Economics.html
Subscribe: http://hq.ssrn.com/jourInvite.cfm?link=Philosophy-Methodology-Economics

Editor: Kevin D. Hoover, Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Duke University

The International Network for Economic Method (INEM) (http://www.econmethodology.org) is a nonprofit society that seeks to promote links among economic methodologists, philosophers of economics, economists in all fields, and scholars in cognate disciplines. It aims to serve all who would reflect upon the methods of economics and of closely related social sciences.

Description: This eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts of papers on all aspects of the philosophy and methodology of economics, as well as papers in cognate areas of clear interest to philosophers of economics and economic methodologists. Areas of interest include, but are not restricted to, the philosophy of science applied to economics as a target science; studies of the philosophical foundations of economics – such as the foundations of rational choice or game theory; the philosophical foundations of empirical methods, including econometrics and statistics applied to economics; the methodology of economic modeling (theoretical and empirical); the methodological analysis of the theory and practice of contemporary economics; the analysis of the methodological implications of new developments in economic theory and practice; the methodological writings and practice of earlier economists (mainstream or heterodox); studies in the economics of economics, rhetoric, sociology of economics, and science studies with economics as the target science.