Weekly Announcements – October 26, 2009

Here are the latest announcements from SSRN:

Erasmus Law Review Upgrades Its LSN Partners in Publishing Journal

We are pleased to announce that Erasmus Law Review has upgraded its Partners in Publishing Journal within the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN), which includes, but is not limited to, a customized abstracting eJournal distributed to SSRN subscribers.

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The Erasmus Law Review seeks to foster independent critical scholarship as relevant to the discipline of law.

The Board of Editors encourages the submission of legally relevant manuscripts by legal scholars and practitioners as well as those versed in other disciplines relevant to law, such as criminology, sociology, political science and economics.

The Erasmus Law Review intends to issue calls for papers on specific topics, topics will be posted on the website of the journal. All articles which the board in principle intends to publish will be submitted to peer-review.

Business History Review Joins MRN Partners in Publishing Journals

We are pleased to announce that the Harvard Business School, Business History Review has joined our Partners in Publishing Journals within the Management Research Network (MRN).


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Business History Review is a quarterly publication of original research by historians, economists, sociologists, and scholars of business administration. BHR’s ongoing mission, from its 1926 inception as the Bulletin of the Business Historical Society, is to encourage and aid the study of the evolution of business in all periods and all countries.

China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR) Joins Finance Research Centers Papers

We are pleased to announce that China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR) has started a Finance Research Centers Papers series within the Financial Economics Network (FEN).


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CAFR is the China Academy of Financial Research. The role of the CAFR is modeled after the NBER in the US and the CEPR in Europe.

CAFR Research Paper Series aims at promoting high-quality theoretical and applied research in financial economics. The Series also aims at promoting high-quality research on China’s economy and financial markets. The Series features contributions both by CAFR Research Fellows and by a network of external researchers.

Announcing New ERN Research Paper Series Journals

We are pleased to announce that Universidad de los Andes Department of Economics and George Mason University Department of Economics have each started an Economics Departments Research Paper Series; George Mason University School of Public Policy Faculty Research has started an ERN Public Policy Centers Research Paper Series, within the Economics Research Network (ERN).


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The Documentos CEDE Working Papers Series aims to advance the Department of Economics at Universidad de los Andes as an outstanding center for research on Economics. The series reflects the interest of our faculty on a wide array of economic issues and on applied economic research. Documentos CEDE provides our faculty and students with an opportunity to disseminate their research and exchange ideas with policy makers and the academic community.


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The Department of Economics at George Mason University (GMU) is distinguished by its excellence in Austrian economics, experimental economics and public choice. Its intellectual contribution to these fields is exemplified by two Nobel prizes awarded to Mason professors James Buchanan (public choice) and Vernon Smith (experimental economics). Complementing its tradition of academic excellence is the department’s Washington DC location, which leaves it unique in its ability to draw direct attention to its extensive outreach and policy research programs. The Working Paper Series (WPS) aims to further enhance the academic strength of the department by promoting the rapid dissemination of research, facilitate the exchange of ideas with other researchers, and stimulate intellectual exchange and communication throughout the scholarly community.


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The School of Public Policy (SPP) at George Mason University is at the crossroads – both geographically and intellectually – of government, non-profit organizations and private industry. The SPP Faculty Research Paper Series exhibits a cross-section of the faculty research output. Founded in 1990, today SPP has 70 full-time teaching and research faculty from more than a dozen academic fields, including political science, economics, geography, sociology, anthropology, business, engineering, history, law, medicine, education, and urban planning. Currently offering five Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in Public Policy, SPP now attracts almost 1,000 students from the U.S. and abroad and has one of the largest doctoral programs in public policy in the US.

Announcing the 2009 IACM Meetings Abstracting eJournal

In cooperation with the International Association for Conflict Management (IACM), the Negotiations Research Network (NEG) is pleased to announce the 2009 IACM Meetings Abstracting eJournal. This abstracting journal is available to all users at no charge and contains abstracts of the meetings papers with links to the full text within the SSRN eLibrary.

You can browse all IACM 2009 Meeting abstracts in the SSRN database by clicking on the following link. There are currently 63 such papers in the system. You may wish to bookmark it in your browser.

View Papers: http://www.ssrn.com/link/IACM-2009.html
Conference URL: http://www.iacm-conflict.org

You can subscribe at no cost to the IACM 2009 Meeting abstracting journal by clicking on the following link:


This link uses browser cookies to store the name of the eJournal while you log in. You will need to enable cookies on your browser to use the link above or to access the SSRN HeadQuarters. If cookies are not enabled, you will not be able to subscribe to SSRN eJournals or to log into the HeadQuarters. If you have any questions please call 877-SSRNHelp (toll free 877.777.6435 within the United States or 00+1+585+4428170 outside of the United States).

Participants of this year’s conference will be subscribed to the abstracting journal. In addition, subscribers to the IACM 2008 Meetings abstracting journal will automatically receive this year’s journal as well.

Stetson University College of Law Joins LSN Research Paper Series

We are pleased to announce that Stetson University College of Law has started a Research Paper Series within the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN).

Stetson University College of Law

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Stetson University College of Law, located in Gulfport and Tampa, Florida, is a dynamic scholarly community with a vibrant faculty and student body who strive to have a meaningful and far-reaching impact on the law, the profession, and society. To further this mission, the Stetson University College of Law Legal Studies Research eJournal contains abstracts, works-in-progress, and published articles and essays written by members of the College of Law faculty on a wide variety of legal and law-related topics.