Keeping Up with the Cyber Current

From Octane magazine: “Keeping Up With the Cyber Current”:

In the June 2009 issue of Octane, Entrepreneurial Organization’s quarterly magazine, I outlined SSRN’s “three-step approach” to expanding our online presence through social media.  The approach is an ongoing process that allows us to evolve and accommodate the needs of our users as technology evolves.  As part of this expansion, SSRN added sharing technology for popular sites, such as Digg and, and joined Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Our three-step approach is:

  1. Know your users – who are they? what are they trying to accomplish?
  2. Create the conversation – how are you going to communicate with them?
  3. Adapt to meet our communities needs – what do you plan to do to keep it current?

It is definitely a learning experience for us and I look forward to your feedback about how we can improve.  Please comment below or write to me Gregg_Gordon@SSRN.Com .