Welcome to the SSRN Blog, the official blog of the Social Science Research Network.

Since its start in 1994, SSRN has grown significantly — we currently have 18 focused research networks, more than 200,000 papers in the eLibrary, and surpassed 25 million total downloads in December (the number is now more than 27 million). As we reached and surpassed several milestones, we realized that not everyone knows our history or has access to news about the latest updates or changes to the website. The SSRN Blog comes as a natural outcome of our desire to share information and keep the SSRN Community up to date. Hopefully, it will also enhance our already wonderful connections with our users.

The SSRN Blog will not be a broadcast vehicle. We want to engage you in an ongoing conversation. Readers will get updates regarding SSRN’s eLibrary and services, weekly “Top Ten” lists, and announcements of new networks, conferences, and presentations. Our posts will explore and share our perspective on issues such as Open Access, new publishing models and directions for scholarly research, and the technologies that affect us all. We will also be linking several articles and other blog posts in the “Media Mentions” section on the right side of the page.

We are very excited about launching the SSRN Blog, and I personally invite you to join us as we grow and expand the SSRN Community.