SSRN’s Newest Research Networks Are Out of This World… Literally!

When deciding what SSRN’s most recent research networks would be our directors looked to the stars.

In case you haven’t guessed from all of the subtle hints we’re talking about Space & Planetary Science (PlanetSciRN).

We love new research networks more than we like giant mugs of coffee on a Saturday morning. So we asked ourselves, what is better than a new research network? TWO research networks, of course! And what better companion for a science that is out of this world than a network that is absolutely down to Earth?

We’re done with the puns now. Promise. It’s just hard to contain our excitement at announcing our other latest research network: Earth Science Research Network (EarthSciRN).

More than companion networks, these two networks offer complimentary yet distinct insights to researchers and other readers, creating new opportunities for interdisciplinary discovery and collaboration.

For years authors have been posting their Earth Science and Space & Planetary Science papers to our collection of work. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the site, we were able to distribute many of them in related eJournals. However, it is high time that these papers, and the valuable authors who write them, have a focused network of their own. We’ve given due attention to other fields over the past several years, and get an especial thrill from bridging knowledge gaps between networks. EarthSciRN and PlanetSciRN offer dedicated homes for the fascinating work being done in these fields.

We hope the addition of these latest SSRN networks broadens your horizons. We have been so pleased by the enthusiastic response from the research community on the networks we’ve added over the past few years. Let us know what you think about EarthSciRN and PlanetSciRN as well!

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