Weekly Top 5 Papers – July 22, 2016

1. Of Coups and the Constitution by Glenn Reynolds (University of Tennessee College of Law)

2. The Empirical Economics of Online Attention by Andre Boik (University of California, Davis — Department of Economics) and Shane Greenstein (Harvard University – Technology & Operations Management Unit; National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)) and Jeffrey Prince (Indiana University – Kelley School of Business – Department of Business Economics & Public Policy)

3. Berkshire’s Blemishes: Lessons for Buffett’s Successors, Peers, and Policy by Lawrence Cunningham (George Washington University)

4. The Biggest Lie on the Internet: Ignoring the Privacy Policies and Terms of Service Policies of Social Networking Services by Jonathan Obar (York University; Quello Center – Michigan State University) and Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch (University of Connecticut)

5. Exploring Socionomic Causality of Social Health and Epidemics by Alan Hall (Socionomics Institute) and Alyssa Hayden (Socionomics Institute) and Matt Lampert (Socionomics Institute)