Weekly Announcements – July 27, 2015

American Journal of Trade & Policy Joins ERPN Partners in Publishing Journals

We are pleased to announce American Journal of Trade & Policy has joined our Partners in Publishing Journals within the Entrepreneurship Research & Policy Network (ERPN).

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View Papers: http://www.ssrn.com/link/American-Journal-Trade-Policy.html

The American Journal of Trade and Policy (AJTP) is an open-access, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal which publishes original research papers, comments and brief reviews in all aspects of trade and policy, with accentuation on some emerging fields. AJTP features reports on current developments in international trade as well as on related policy issues. AJTP fosters discussion on the various interrelationships between economic growth at national and international levels and international trade.

The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for current issues in all aspects of international trade, including legal, economic, management, financial reporting and policy issues.

The objectives of AJTP are to become a main starting place of analyses and perspectives on the issues of economics and trade in order to be an effectual channel of communication between policy-makers, government agencies, academic and research institutions. It emphasizes problems of international significance and offers important lessons for policy-makers and the wide audience which participates in the policy debate in such a way that it promotes and coordinates developments in the field of international trade and economic expansion. The journal will highlight national, regional, international and universal realities.

Big Data Joins Finance Research Centers Papers

We are pleased to announce Big Data & Innovative Financial Technologies, a new Finance Research Centers Papers series within the Financial Economics Network (FEN), edited by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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View Papers: http://www.ssrn.com/link/Big-Data-Innovative-Financial-Tech-RES.html
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Welcome to the Big Data & Innovative Financial Technologies Research Paper Series.

GOAL OF THE SERIES: To bring the latest financial technologies to the attention of regulators, researchers, financial practitioners and the public in general, with the goal of achieving more stable, efficient and secured financial markets.

SUBJECTS: The series is open to all innovative technologies with financial applications, and in particular:
– Data Analytics & Visualization
– Exascale Scientific Data Management
– Machine Learning
– High Performance Computing
– Large-Scale Complex Systems
– High-Frequency Trading
– Quantum Computing Applied to Finance

EDITORS: The series is edited by Dr. Marcos Lopez de Prado (research affiliate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and Dr. John Wu (senior scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & SciDAC). Editorial decisions are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the institutions we are affiliated with.

Universite Paris-Dauphine Joins MRN Business School Research Papers

We are pleased to announce Universite Paris-Dauphine has started a MRN Business School Research Papers series within the Management Research Network (MRN).

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View Abstracts: http://www.ssrn.com/link/U-Paris-Dauphine-BSR.html
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Universite Paris-Dauphine topic areas:
Paris-Dauphine: Development Economics
Paris-Dauphine: Energy, Climate Change
Paris-Dauphine: Finance
Paris-Dauphine: Game Theory, Economic Theory & Mathematical Economics
Paris-Dauphine: Health Economics
Paris-Dauphine: Management, Organization & Strategy
Paris-Dauphine: Operations Research, Decision Analysis

From its inception in 1968, Paris-Dauphine, has occupied a distinctive place among French institutions of higher education and research with a multi-disciplinary approach of the field of organization and decision sciences (economics, management, mathematics, computer science, sociology, police sciences and law). Paris-Dauphine is a member of the Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University, a pluri-disciplinary alliance of France’s most prestigious and selective academic institutions. In 2009, Paris-Dauphine also became the first French university to obtain the EQUIS accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development, in recognition of his academic excellence and committed global perspective.

Access Group Center for Research & Policy Analysis(SM) Joins Law Research Centers Papers

We are pleased to announce Access Group Center for Research & Policy Analysis(SM) has started a Law Research Centers Papers series within the Legal Scholarship Network (LSN).

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View Papers: http://www.ssrn.com/link/Access-Group-Ctr-Research-Policy-RES.html
Subscribe: http://hq.ssrn.com/jourInvite.cfm?link=Access-Group-Ctr-Research-Policy-RES

The Access Group Center for Research & Policy Analysis Research Paper Series is an initiative that seeks to disseminate and encourage scholarship and research to address some of the most critical issues facing legal education today, including: 1) Enhancing ACCESS to legal education for students from diverse backgrounds; 2) Increasing the AFFORDABILITY of legal education; and 3) Expanding the VALUE and relevance of legal education. If your research falls within the scope of these issues, please visit www.accessresearch.org to learn more about our research activities and grant opportunities.