Weekly Top 5 Papers – June 10, 2011

1. ‘I’ve Got Nothing to Hide’ and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy
by Daniel J. Solove (George Washington University Law School)

2. Case Closed
by Robert A. Haugen (Haugen Custom Financial Systems) and Nardin L. Baker (SSIA)

3. Less than Picture Perfect: The Legal Relationship between Photographers’ Rights and Law Enforcement
by Morgan Leigh Manning (University of Tennessee, Knoxville – College of Law)

4. Therasense v. Becton Dickinson: A First Impression
by Jason Rantanen (University of California, Hastings – College of the Law) and Lee Petherbridge (Loyola Law School Los Angeles)

5. The Future Has Thicker Tails than the Past: Model Error as Branching Counterfactuals
by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (NYU-Poly)