Frequently Asked Question: How can I have my own paper included in the SSRN eLibrary?

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The FAQ for this week is: How can I have my own paper included in the SSRN eLibrary?

We invite you to submit abstracts from your own papers for inclusion in our eLibrary.

You will need the following information:

  • Abstract
  • Names, contact information, and affiliations for all co-authors not in the SSRN database
  • Journal citation (for accepted and forthcoming papers)
  • Permission from copyright holder, if not yourself
  • The email and postal addresses, phone and fax numbers, and the affiliation of the contact author
  • Electronic version of the paper in PDF format (you can create a PDF by downloading a free utility during the submission process or by visiting the Adobe website).
  • You will need to be logged into your User Account at

Please view the video demonstration above for complete and specific instructions. If you still need help, please feel free to contact, 585.442.8170, or toll free 877-SSRNHELP (877.777.6435). To submit is free, and we encourage all authors to submit their research.

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