Recent SSRN Development Projects

Here is a brief overview of a few recent development projects:

•      Expanded International Content – We upgraded our database to install an expanded character set, which makes uploading of non-English content easier for our international users.

•      Duplicate Notification – With roughly 40 percent of submissions being some form of a duplicate, we created an alert system to notify submitters of possible duplicates. The system allows users to view possible duplicates and determine if they want to revise the existing document or continue to upload the new one. This will make the submission process more efficient for both submitters and SSRN staff.

•      Improved Conference Management System – We have made many improvements to CMS in the past few weeks, but some of the most notable are:

  • the ability for conference organizers to track the activity of each conference submission
  • expanded conference emails functionality, including direct links to sessions and the ability for organizers to see historical information regarding emails
  • improved conference session level functionality including submission management and reporting